Quick Answer: What Are Construction Documents?

What is included in construction documents?

The Construction Documents contain contract forms, conditions of the contract, specifications, and drawings. Bidding requirements are also produced during this phase. Stringent contractor qualifications are delineated, ensuring that only contractors with a proven track record will be prequalified to bid.

What is the purpose of construction documents?

The purpose of construction documents is to get the design built. These are contract binding documents which describe precisely how the design shall be built: methods, materials, building systems, components.

What are the two key items that make up construction documents?

The two major components that make up the contract documents are the drawings and the project manual.

What are the 6 types of construction drawings?

What Are the Six Types of Construction Drawings?

  • Plans.
  • Interior and exterior elevations.
  • Building and wall sections.
  • Interior and exterior details.
  • Schedules and room finishes.
  • Framing and utility plans.

What are the five phases of construction?

A construction project entails 5 important stages: initiation, planning, implementation, performance and monitoring, and closing.

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Who prepares construction drawings?

As-Built Drawings: As-Built Drawings are typically prepared by the contractor. They are more like interpolations done for construction purposes. On the original construction documents and drawings, the as-built changes are made by the contractor in red ink.

What is a construction plan?

A construction plan is a detailed document, or series of documents, that organizes and outlines a construction project. The documents include all the details necessary for a construction project team to execute the project and keep it within budget, including: A project schedule.

What is the construction document phase?

Construction Documents

This phase basically takes the design development drawings and specifications and fills in the details that will enable a contractor to actually build your project.

What are the three basic types of documents used in construction contracts?

Construction Contract Documents – Common Parts to a Contract

  • The Agreement. The agreement is the most fundamental document in a construction contract bundle.
  • General Conditions.
  • Special Conditions.
  • Scope of Work.
  • Drawings.
  • Specifications.
  • Bill of Quantities.
  • Construction Schedule.

Are construction documents legal documents?

Construction “Contract Documents” are the written documents that define the roles, responsibilities, and “Work” under the construction Contract, and are legally-binding on the parties (Owner and Contractor).

How do you write a construction safety plan?

Why and How to Write an Effective Construction Safety Plan

  1. A living document.
  2. Section 1: The safety representative.
  3. Section 2: Medical treatment.
  4. Section 3: Safety inspections.
  5. Section 4: Safety indoctrination.
  6. Section 5: Continuous safety training.
  7. Section 6: Housekeeping.
  8. Section 7: Protective equipment.

How many types of construction drawings are there?

5 Types of Construction Drawings Used in Commercial Construction.

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What are different types of drawings?

Different Kinds of Drawing

  • Illustration Drawing. These are drawings that are created to represent the lay-out of a particular document.
  • Life Drawing. Drawings that result from direct or real observations are life drawings.
  • Emotive Drawing.
  • Analytic Drawing.
  • Perspective Drawing.
  • Diagrammatic Drawing.
  • Geometric Drawing.

What are the construction drawings?

Construction drawings provide accurately measured and detailed drawings of a resolved design, and its parts, to guide the contractor in its construction.

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