FAQ: How To Build A Wood Fireplace Surround?

How do I build a fireplace surround?


  1. Build Two Rectangular Boxes. To build the side columns for the new surround, use MDF to construct two rectangular boxes with open backs.
  2. Centering the Newel Post on the Box.
  3. Seal Gaps with Painter’s Caulk.
  4. Fasten Cleats for a Fireplace Mantel and Surround.
  5. New Fireplace Surround and Mantel.

What is the best material for a fireplace surround?

Here’s our top 6 picks for fireplace surround materials from recent projects using a FireRock pre-engineered masonry fireplace.

  1. Marble.
  2. Metal.
  3. French Limestone.
  4. Stained Concrete.
  5. Precast Concrete.
  6. Natural Stone.

Can you put wood around a fireplace?

Is Wood Safe for Fireplaces? International Residential Code, a model code adopted by many municipalities, does allow for combustible materials, such as wood sheathing, to be placed directly on fireplace surrounds. However, all combustibles must remain at least 6 inches from the opening.

How much does it cost to build a fireplace surround?

A stone fireplace surround usually costs between $3,000 and $7,500 but could run anywhere from $2,500 to $10,000 or higher. The surround refers to any part of the fireplace built with stone, or the area surrounding the firebox.

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What is the code for fireplace surround?

The National Fire Code dictates that any combustible material (e.g., wood mantel or similar trim) must be at least six inches from the firebox opening. An additional inch of clearance is needed for every 1/8 inch the combustible material or trim protrudes.

How thick should a fireplace mantel be?

A depth of 7 inches is ideal for most mantels, as it allows plenty of room to accommodate decorative objects. Keep in mind that the top and the sides of the mantel should be the same depth.

What materials can be used around a fireplace?

For maximum security, consider using a noncombustible material in your fireplace surround before adding shiplap. Many people will use tile, marble, stone, brick, or steel as surround materials directly around the fireplace opening for their gas or wood-burning fireplaces.

What can I put behind a fireplace?

Many traditional fireplaces (like ours) will have a brick back and surround for the firebox. Along with stone, brick is a very common material to be used behind a wood burning stove. Its heat-resistant properties means that it won’t combust or be damaged as a result of the heat from a stove.

What is the frame around a fireplace called?

Mantle/Mantel: Refers to the framework around the fireplace, especially the piece above the entablature that protrudes out (mantelshelf, mantelpiece).

How far does a mantel need to be above a fireplace?

As a general rule, the mantel is placed about 12 inches above the fireplace opening. Then adding an inch to the distance for every inch that the mantel protrudes.

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How high should a mantle be above a wood fireplace?

Mantel Height: We recommend installing the mantel 4.5′ from the floor. This allows room for stockings during the holidays. Most housing codes and the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) state that the bottom of the mantel must be at least 12” away from the top of the fireplace box.

Is it safe to put TV over fireplace?

It’s not advisable to mount a TV above a fireplace because excess heat and electronics don’t mix. The area above the fireplace is often warmer than other wall surfaces in your home. The farther the fireplace mantle extends into the room, the more it will deflect heat from the above wall (and TV mounted there).

Does a fireplace add value to a home?

The National Association of Home Builders notes that an outdoor fireplace can also increase a home’s value! Nearly 80% of real estate agents in the poll conducted by Angie’s List say both indoor and outdoor fireplaces increase a home’s value by anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000.

Is it hard to build a fireplace?

It’s a lot easier learning how to build a fireplace like this in new construction. Adding one to an existing home presents myriad challenges, but it certainly can be done. Before you do anything else, identify the room in which you plan to locate the fireplace, then make sure its floor joists are reinforced.

How expensive is it to put in a fireplace?

Fireplace installation costs between $100 and $5,600 depending on the type. The cost to install a gas fireplace is $2,300 to $4,000, a traditional wood-burning fireplace runs $1,900 to $3,300, and an electric fireplace costs $100 to $2,200. Building a masonry fireplace costs $3,500 to $5,600.

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