FAQ: How To Build Whelping Boxes?

What do I put on the floor of my whelping box?

Choose sturdy materials such as wood or a laminated particleboard like melamine. Melamine doesn’t absorb or trap odors too, so it is the best material to be used as a whelping box. Make the floors easy to clean by using linoleum, protecting the bottom of the nest and the floor of your home as well.

How big should a whelping box be?

For medium-size dog breeds, considered a whelping box that is about 28 to 34 inches long by 28 to 34 inches deep. Large dog breeds need whelping boxes that measure about 42 to 45 inches long by 34 to 40 inches deep. Extra-large breeds need boxes at least 48 to 58 inches long by 40 to 48 inches deep.

Can I use a crate as a whelping box?

Half a Kennel

If your dog is already crate– or kennel-trained and finds security in her existing den, this often makes a great whelping box. Line the crate with blankets or towels to give the mother and pups good traction in the crate.

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Can you leave newborn puppies alone with their mom overnight?

there should be no problem leaving the newborns alone with the mother. There are certain larger breed dogs where the newborn pups should be removed immediately after the mother ‘cleans’ them, then slowly reintroduce all of them back to the mother. Let the mother take care of her babies.

How do you prepare a puppy for birth?

Whelping Supply Checklist:

  1. Lots of newspaper to line the whelping box during delivery for easy cleanup and garbage bags.
  2. Non-skid bath mats for bedding after whelping is done.
  3. Dry, clean towels to clean the puppies.
  4. Paper towels to help with clean up.
  5. Thermometer to check your dog’s temperature before whelping.

What is the best bedding for a whelping box?

Options abound, but you want to find the best that will suit your needs; newspaper, puppy pads and flat linens are common choices. Newspaper and puppy pads are ideal bedding. They are cheap and disposable, and they lay flat. There is less risk of newborn puppies getting tangled, as they could with items such as towels.

Can you touch newborn puppies with bare hands?

You can touch newborn puppies with your bare hands, but make sure you have washed your hands properly and that they are at body temperature. Of course, if you want to play it safe, you can wear gloves.

Should you put blankets in a whelping box?

Many breeders use shredded newspaper to line whelping boxes, but others prefer towels and blankets, wood shavings, or even sand. You should consider all options and select materials that match needs at specific times during your puppy-rearing experience.

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Can a whelping box be too big?

Many considerations go into setting up the ideal whelping box for your breed of dog. Importantly, the size should be appropriate — large enough for a dam to stretch out with some room to spare — as a box that is too large can cause her great distress.

How long should puppies stay in the whelping box?

As soon as the puppies’ eyes open, they rapidly begin to mature physically. By two weeks of age, they should be alert and trying to stand. By three weeks, they should be trying to climb out of their nest or whelping box. By four weeks, all the puppies should be able to walk, run, and play.

How long do you use a whelping box?

Puppies can often leave the whelping box at 3 weeks old. At this age, puppies can move out of the whelping box as they become more mobile.

Why is my dog trying to bury her puppies?

Mother canines can reject their puppies for a variety of reasons and then try and bury them away from the other puppies in their litter. It could be an indication something is wrong with the puppy or the mother herself. If she is not producing healthy milk she may bury her young expecting them not to survive.

How do you introduce a dog to a whelping box?

Lead your dog to the whelping box often.

If she doesn’t take to it immediately, then take her to the box multiple times each day. Show her the box and help try to get her in the box. If your dog is small enough, you can physically place her in the box so she starts to smell her scent on it.

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How do you make a whelping box out of cardboard?

How do you make a whelping box out of cardboard?

  1. Choose a cardboard box. The cardboard box should be large enough that your dog can lie comfortably while stretched on her side, but no larger.
  2. Use a box cutter to cut a rectangular notch in one side of the box.
  3. Line the interior of the box with plastic sheeting.
  4. Cover the plastic with newspaper.

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