Game Of Washers How To Build?

What are the dimensions for washers game?

Washer pits and boxes vary in size and shape, but a standard for one-hole washers is 16 in × 16 in × 4 in, with a cylindrically-shaped cup (4½ inches in diameter and 5 inches in height) located in its upper surface.

How many washers do I need for a washer toss?

The game field consists of two washer pits, each containing one recessed cup of 4 inches in diameter. The distance from the cup centers is 25 feet. Each player throws three washers toward the opposite cup.

How do you score washers?

Scoring in washers is simple! A team earns one point if a washer lands inside the box. Three points are earned if a washer is inside the cup. Points cancel out so if you both land in the cup no points are scores.

What are the rules for washer toss?

Players can toss from either side of the board and are allowed to have one foot go past the front of the board or box. The starting team will throw all four of their washers one at a time — if playing two-on-two each teammate will toss twice — toward the washer box or board.

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How do you run a 3 hole washer?

How to Play 3 Hole Washers

  1. Each player throws their washers from the same side over to the opposite board (facing longways).
  2. The player who throws first will throw all four washers, then the second player throws their washers.
  3. The player that scores the most in each round gets to throw first on the following round.

How do you play a bullseye washer?

The game is played with 2-4-players divided into 2 teams with 2 square wooden game boxes placed 20-feet apart. Players toss the 4 washers or 4 bags from the left or the right of the toss box. 3 points are awarded if a tossed washer or bag lands in the Bulls-Eye cup and 1 point if it lands inside the box.

Who invented washer toss?

Washers is a game invented at the Falcon Bronze playground in Youngstown, Ohio in 1931. Iron washers are pitched into holes or cups spread 20 feet apart, following rules similar to horseshoes. The game gained local popularity and was renamed Ringers in 1936.

What is the objective of washer toss?

Objective. The object of the game is to score points. Points are scored by throwing your washers into the target box.

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