Often asked: How To Build A Big Reactor?

How big can you make a big reactor?

Reactors, passive reactors at least, can be designed to produce anywhere from 270 RF/t to around 2,000,000 RF/t at its maximum size. Even during the early stages of the game it is strongly recommended to build a reactor that will allow you to expand.

Will big reactors explode?

It will never malfunction or explode or do any such nasty thing.

What is the best coolant for big reactors?

The best coolant is afaik still Gelid Cryotheum. Nothing else is better I think. You can use water, destabilized redstone, liquid glowstone and such but they aren’t that good.

How do you cool big reactors?

Many different types of liquids will cool the inside of a reactor down. The best (as far as I know) is Gelid Cryotheum, but other good ones include Destabilized Redstone and Resonant Ender. Just fill the inside of your reactor with your liquid of choice and you’re good to go!

How do I get gelid Cryotheum?

Gelid cryotheum is the ice elemental fluid. It is obtained by melting cryotheum dust in a magma crucible.

How do I get Yellorium?

The only ways to get yellorium are to mine, set up an MFR laser ( with yellow foci), or yellorium bees.

How do you get blutonium?

Reprocessed Cyanite. Produced by combining 2 Cyanite Ingots with 1 bucket of water in a Cyanite Reprocessor. Can be burned in a Multiblock Reactor to produce power, heat and Cyanite.

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How do you make a Yellorium ingot?

The ingots can be created from smelting Yellorite Ore, Yellorium Dust or in a crafting grid from Yellorium Blocks. The main use for Yellorium is as the fuel source for multi-block reactors from the Big Reactors mod.

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