Often asked: How To Build Pillars For A Porch?

How do you make porch columns?

  1. Step One: Cut PVC Boards and Attach to Cedar Post. Cut the PVC boards the length you need them for all four sides of your column.
  2. Step Two: Attach Remaining PVC Boards.
  3. Step Three: Add Bottom Trim Pieces.
  4. Step Four: Add trim to top of column.
  5. Step Five: Fill in Seams and Nail Holes with Paintable Caulk.

What is the best material for porch columns?

This customizable ability makes wood the best material for porch columns. Ultimately, even though there are very nice custom fiberglass and vinyl columns, they won’t be able to come close to the same level of detail as wooden columns.

What kind of wood do you use to wrap porch columns?

Almost any type of wood works fine for square or rectangular columns. For economy or paint-grade, use fir or yellow pine. For high-end columns, use hardwoods such as birch, mahogany or white or red oak. As with any type of exterior wood, proper sealing and maintenance is required.

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How wide should porch columns be?

A porch column is grand, regal and almost double the size of your typical porch post, averaging a 10-inch diameter. This is usually the architectural element of choice for larger porches. But, keep in mind that columns come in a broad range of sizes, making them incredibly versatile.

How do I make my porch posts bigger?


  1. Cut 2x3s.
  2. Apply wood preservative to the bottom of 2x3s.
  3. Square up porch posts.
  4. Beef up the bottom portion of your front porch columns.
  5. Add siding to each side of porch posts on the bottom portion.
  6. Add trim to all corners, top and bottom of the porch pillars.
  7. Add top platform.

What do you use for porch posts?

When it comes to choosing the right kind of wood for your porch columns, be sure to pick a wood that is pressure treated and KDAT (kiln dried after treated). Pressure treated and KDAT lumber are better options than regular wood, as their chemistry makes them resistant to rot. that don’t contain chromium or arsenic.

What are porch columns?

Porch columns come in a variety of different materials and sizes. The most common are fiberglass, stone, wood, PVC and aluminum. These are much larger than porch posts and you will find that they are more durable and hold much more weight. Porch columns are very grand and regal.

How much do porch columns cost?

The cost to replace porch columns will vary depending on the size required, the style you choose, and the material. On average, you should expect to pay between $316 and $455 to have new porch columns installed. Of course, if you choose a high-end column or something more ornate, your cost could be higher. 3 дня назад

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What is the best wood to use for a porch?

The three common choices when it comes to wood decks are redwood, cedar and pressure-treated wood that can be made of various types of wood species. Redwood and cedar are both naturally insect and rot resistant and have a natural look, but each has its own inherent issues.

What wood is most rot resistant?

Cedar, redwood, cypress and other naturally rot-resistant woods are often hailed as the premier choice when building outside structures like decks, arbors or saunas. They have beautiful color and grain, are often aromatic, and their chemical structure can make them immune to insect and fungal pests.

What is the best wood to use for outside?

Potential Woods for Use in Outdoor Applications

  • Ipe. This tropical hardwood from Central and South America makes an excellent choice for outdoor projects, including decking.
  • Teak. Long a popular choice for boat building, teak is another good candidate for outdoor applications.
  • African Mahogany.
  • VG Fir.
  • Western Red Cedar.

What is a good width for a front porch?

The ideal width of a porch is 8 feet, that allows space for furniture, breathing room, and movement. The width, length, height, and dimensions of the project will depend entirely on the property, it’s budget, scale and it’s style.

What is the average depth of a front porch?

For comfortable seating, a porch needs to be at least 6 feet deep. If you’d like a table for outside dining, you need at least 10 feet of depth. Width depends on the house.

Does a porch need foundations?

A porch is a covered, single-storey structure that can be enclosed, and projects out from a house or other building. It will require foundations, and the junctions between the walls of the porch and those of the existing building will need to be properly sealed.

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