Often asked: How To Build Triangle Shelves?

What angle do you cut to make a triangle?

Cut wood piece at a 30-degree angle using a miter saw to make a triangle shelf.

How do you measure a triangle for a corner shelf?

Calculate the area of a triangular shelf by dividing the front edge by 2 and multiplying it by the depth of the shelf (from the inner corner out to the front edge). For example, if the front edge is 20 inches and the depth of the shelf is 8 inches, calculate the following: 20 / 2 = 10; 10 * 8 = 80 inches.

How do you support a corner shelf?

The shelf can be supported by simple planed timber battens (50x18mm (2x¾ inch)) fixed to the walls on each side of the corner – this will give sufficient support for most purposes – alternatively metal angle can be fixed to the walls to support the shelf, this can give the impression that the shelf is unsupported –

How do you fit a corner shelf?

Complete your corner shelves:

  1. Place the shelf on top of the brackets in the correct position so they are flush against the wall.
  2. Use a pencil to mark down where the screws need to go.
  3. Take the shelf off and pre-drill small holes into the shelf.
  4. Place the shelf back onto the reinforcing brackets and screw it into place.

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