Question: How To Build A 351 Cleveland?

How much power can a 351 Cleveland make?

The 351C is a racing bred engine. Throw some cash at it and it will scream. The stock crank will withstand turning at 8k and aftermarket forged cranks can do 10k plus.

How much does it cost to rebuild a 351 Cleveland?

It cost around $2500. for a complete rebuild including heads.

What is the best cam for a 351 Cleveland?

In my experience, the best streetperformance cams are ground with a lobe separation between 108 and 114 degrees. Keeping lobe separation above 112 degrees improves drivability because the engine idles smoother and makes better low-end torque.

How much horsepower can you get out of a 351?

The long-lived Ford “Windsor” engine, displacing 351 cubic inches, was available in performance applications such as the Ford Boss Mustang in 1971, and today is available in a crate-engine version which features up to 535 horsepower.

Is 351 Cleveland better than Windsor?

The 351 Cleveland is a member of the 335 series family of Ford small-block engines. Its large ports and oversize canted valves give it more horsepower and allow it to run at a higher rpm than the Windsor. The valve covers have a twisting curve and are attached by eight bolts.

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What is the difference between a 351 Cleveland and a 351 Cobra Jet?

The main difference between 351W/351C/351M/400M engines is connecting rod length and main bearing size. The 351/400M engines have the largest bearing size and the tallest deck height while sharing the 460 bell housing pattern.

How much is a 351 Cleveland worth?

A bare 351C block and crank (nothing else) goes for over $500. A complete running engine at least $1200. The 4V heads alone would go for $300 -500 for open chamber.

What year 351W is best?

Best years

From what I have read, the best year for 351W blocks are 1969, 70, and 71. For some reason these were the strongest 351W ever produced, but very hard to find.

How much horsepower does a Ford 351 Cleveland engine have?

Factory rated at 330 hp at 5,400 rpm, this new engine was the highest output that this engine family would see. Other 351 performance engines would follow, but none would match the Boss 351.

What is a 351 stroker?

This stroker combination uses a 3.850″ stroke to produce 393 cubic inches from a 351 Windsor engine. This is the largest cubic inch displacement we offer for a stock style Windsor block. It uses a lengthy 4.170″ stroke to yield 427 cubic inches.

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