Question: How To Build Leona Support?

Is Leona a good support?

Leona is the kind of support that can play the lane both aggressively and defensively. Her mere presence in the lane can force enemy laners into playing safer.

Who counters Leona support?

Leona Counter Pick

Win Rate Play Rate
SionUndead Juggernaut 49.93% 2.04%
AlistarMinotaur 50.85% 2.78%
Tahm KenchRiver King 46.59% 1.06%
ThreshChain Warden 49.42% 11.32%

Is Leona Top viable?

No; it’s not viable; except maybe in a DuoQ with a babysitting jungler; but anything is viable then. I have seen people try to take supports like Braum, Alistar and Leona into top and they always fail miserably. Taric top would be more viable.

Is Leona an op?

Leona and Nautilus are OP in the sense that they are very easy to play and are top of their category as “All in” supports. This is similar to Olaf right now. Not only is he a strong champion but compared to Lee Sin or even Rek Sai, hes very easy to play at a reasonable level.

Is Leona easy?

Leona isn’t hard to play mechanically, but if your decision making is bad all you’ll do is feed. Communication and good choice making skills are the most important thing.

Is Pantheon good lol?

Pantheon is a good champion on the hands of those who know how to properly snowball a lane and have somewhat decent map awareness (doesn’t have to be good, just decent enough to the point where you look at potential spots to man-drop in 1 minute intervals and get kills/double-kills).

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Who counters Kai?

Kai’Sa Counter Pick

Win Rate Ban Rate
DravenGlorious Executioner 49.75% 0.79%
CaitlynSheriff of Piltover 52.6% 5.27%
EzrealProdigal Explorer 48.63% 1.4%
VayneNight Hunter 51.46% 1.21%

What should I build against Leona?

Honestly, the best thing you can do vs a Leona is either freeze at your tower to deny her room to engage, or pick a good disengage support, something like Janna, or even Lulu/Nami. Most of Leona’s strength is in her early-game lockdown. Another good option would be poke supports like, again, Lulu or Karma.

How does Leona top counter?

What should I have done? Crush Leona in lane, as you did. Try your best to zone her (She’s melee) through a lane freeze on your end. Freeze the lane on your side if you can, and if she roams end the freeze immediately and either take the tower or follow her, making her choose between losing XP/Gold or continuing roam.

Can Leona do damage?

Leona’s abilities mark enemies hit for 1.5 seconds. Damage dealt by all champions on marked targets will allow the allied champion to deal bonus magic damage after consuming the mark. Her next auto-attack within 6 seconds gains bonus range and deals bonus magic damage.

What tier is Leona?

Leona Build 11.6 ranks as an E-Tier pick for the Support role in Season 11.

Why is Leona so Tanky?

Not only does she have low ability cooldowns, but every single ability is a CC, only her W is a slow, but also makes her more tanky. Her W gives her flat damage reduction from each tick of dmg, plus flat resistances. This is like having Alistar ulti on a 12 second cooldown.

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