Question: The Movie How To Build A Better Boy?

Is how do you build a better boy on Netflix?

Watch How to Build a Better Boy on Netflix Today!

What happens at the end of How Do You Build a Better Boy?

In the end, Albert tells Mae to self-destruct him at the dance before members of the Pentagon and Army swoops in and tries to take him away because the “Perfect kiss” was never going to happen.

How do you become a better boy cast?

Cast & Crew

  1. China Anne McClain. Gabby Harrison.
  2. Kelli Berglund. Mae Hartley.
  3. Noah Centineo. Jaden Stark.
  4. Ashley Argota. Nevaeh Barnes.
  5. Matt Shively. Bart Hartley.
  6. Roger Bart. James Hartley.
  7. Sasha Clements. Marnie.
  8. Paul Hoen. Director.

How do you build a better boy Gabby?

Whoopsie. Gabriela Vanessa “Gabby” Harrison is the main protagonist of How to Build a Better Boy. She is portrayed by China Anne McClain.


  1. Gabby went to a computer camp during the summer.
  2. She is an expert hacker.
  3. She is allergic to pollen because before Albert sings to Mae, she was sneezing a lot.

How do you build a better boy Nevaeh?

Nevaeh Barnes is the main antagonist on How to Build a Better Boy. She is the most popular girl in school, who embarrasses Mae Hartley. She is portrayed by Ashley Argota.

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How do I get a boyfriend at Disney?

How to Build a Better Boy is a Disney Channel Original Movie directed by Paul Hoen and written by Jason Mayland. It stars China Anne McClain, Kelli Berglund and Marshall Williams.

How can I make my girl better?

How to Build a Girl is a 2019 coming-of-age comedy film directed by Coky Giedroyc, from a screenplay by Caitlin Moran, based on her 2014 novel of the same name. The film tells the story of Johanna Morrigan, an aspiring music journalist in 1990s Wolverhampton.

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