Quick Answer: How To Build A Peacock Coop?

How much space do you need for a peacock?

If you are raising peacocks, they need a spacious coop and run. A general rule of thumb is 80 square feet per bird with a pen height of at least 8 feet to fan their feathers. These birds prefer tall roosts to accommodate their tails, which can reach up to 5 feet long.

Can you have peacocks and chickens together?

So, if you do not currently have Blackhead on your property, you should not have any problems raising chickens together with turkeys, peafowl, or other game birds. There is no test or way to tell if it is present until you have game birds living with your chickens.

Is it hard to raise peacocks?

That’s because peacocks are technically just the males of these species, most easily recognizable by their gorgeous ornamental tail feathers. Peafowls are incredibly easy to raise, yet they are far from the most popular homestead species of birds. Here’s what you need to know about raising peafowl on your farm.

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How do you train a peacock to stay home?

Allow the peafowl to free range for a half a day and then herd them back into their enclosure. Repeat this process for several days, allowing the peafowl to free range for longer periods of time each day. I would suggest that the peafowl be put in their enclosure every night for several months.

Are peacocks friendly?

Although peacocks have a reputation as friendly birds, it’s not necessarily deserved. And dangers abound during mating season, which occurs in the spring and early summer, when male peacocks fan their tail feathers to court the peahens. The birds think nothing of trying to peck someone who gets too close to their eggs.

What are peacocks good for?

In addition, peafowl consume a variety of insects, as well as snakes, amphibians and rodents. So some people use them to help keep pest populations under control. However, peacocks will also consume flowers, vegetables and other items on your property that you may not be so happy about.

Do Peacocks kill chickens?

Chirping. I know one of my Dad’s friends has Free ranging peafowls too, and he does have chickens as well, and in fact, his peafowls do happen to kill the chicken chicks, however, not every peafowl will go after the chicks.

Why do peacocks cry at night?

“The peacock is making noise at night because that means somebody, animal or human, is doing something that’s not in the normal sense of the environment,” Fett explained. “They’re like a watchdog — they have keen hearing.” Perhaps the peacock, like many of us, found the din of nonstop fireworks to be irritating.

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Are peacocks easy to keep?

Peacocks are territorial and will stay within a territory. Their territory will extend beyond your garden and may extend to your neighbour’s garden and their neighbours garden. Consequently unless peafowl are going to be kept in a large pen or aviary they are unsuitable for urban built up areas.

Will peacocks fly away?

Normally they fly only to roost in trees or to escape what they can‘t outrun. NEW HOME: Peafowl are most likely to run away in their first few days or weeks with you, trying to get back “home,” even if they don’t know where that is. They will just start walking down the nearest road.

Do peacocks make good watchdogs?

peacocks! “They are good watchdogs. If a stray animal, unfamiliar person, a car or anyone comes up around her, they holler,” Doris explains. “When we had cattle, the peacocks paid no attention to our cattle, but if a stray animal approaches, they will holler their heads off.”

Can you make money raising peacocks?

Money can be made from peacocks by selling their feathers, eggs and the birds themselves. Shorter eye feathers are referred to as “mini feathers” and are usually priced around $6 per 10 feathers. Fertile eggs that have a good chance of hatching into a live peacock sell for about $40 each.

What is the Favourite food of peacock?

Peafowl are omnivores which means they will eat both vegetation and meat. Wild peacocks eat fruit, berries, grains, ants, flower petals and plants. Captive peafowl will also eat cat food, cheese, nuts, scrambled egg, cooked rice and kitchen scraps. Peafowl need to be fed a high protein diet to maintain optimum health.

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How high can a peacock fly?

A peacock’s tail feathers are upto 6 feet long & make up 60% of its body length. It cannot fly high though, and the maximum height it can cover is up to the lowest branch of a tree.

How often does a peacock poop?

Since peacocks are relatives of chickens, they poo regularly (about ever two minutes.). Some times it is horrid black poo, which Dad says is because they have eaten chicken feed.

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