Quick Answer: How To Build Shower Pan On Wood Floor?

How do you make a wood subfloor shower pan?

Cover subfloor plywood with layer of tar paper. Add stucco wire or galvanized wire mesh to reinforce the mud mortar. Notice waves in mesh to help embed in mud pour. Mix shower pan floor mud by adding just enough water to hold its shape when squeezed in your hand.

How thick should a shower pan subfloor be?

The subfloor needs to be a minimum of two layers of 3/4-inch exterior grade plywood before you can move to actually putting down the concrete layer of deck mud that provides the slope and the base for the shower pan tile.

Do I need mortar under shower pan?

Most installers recommend putting a bed of mortar down for the shower base to sit on. Check the manufacturer’s installation instructions and see what they recommend in case the use of mortar is discouraged.

Do you put cement board under a shower pan?

You don’t really need cement board under the pan, but you do need a level solid surface. Leveling cement would be all that is needed, but should be thicker than 1/2″. You need some sort of membrane(felt, plastic, etc) on the floor or the leveling compound will leak out at any hole it finds.

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Can I use cement board for shower floor?

Do not use cement board on its own. Your shower will leak and you will be tearing it out within a year.

Do plumbers install shower pans?

Plumbers generally install the shower liner, new drain trap and strainer. In the old days, when lead and copper were used, you wouldn’t expect the tile person to install the pan Shower liners here are part of the rough plumbing inspection, I would not want the tile person to be responsible for my work.

What kind of wood do you use for a shower floor?

When it comes to wooden shower floor options, teak is a popular choice. A teak shower floor tends to be more resistant to moisture than most other woods thanks to the natural oils it contains. This can also mean teak shower floors are less prone to mold and mildew and can look newer for longer.

What type of mortar do you use for a shower pan?

The ideal mortar for a shower pan is a mix of standard cement mix with sand and Portland cement. This type of mortar creates a great water-resistant barrier that can support the weight of the shower unit.

Do you put flooring under shower?

A floating floor needs to float, do not put it under the shower pan. You will need to leave an expansion gap at the pan per manufacturer recommendations on whatever floor you choose. Therefore, you need not be perfect with the install, but will cover the edge with molding.

How do you find the slope on a walk in shower floor?

The drain in a curbless walk-in shower does not have to be in the middle. Linear drains can be placed along any edge. If the floor is gently and unnoticeably sloped, 1/8″ to 3/16″ per foot, the water can be directed to a side or a corner. A curbless walk-in shower floor area might benefit from a smaller-scale tile.

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Can you use thinset to set a shower pan?

Mix thinset mortar with the drill and paddle. Add more thinset to one side to level the floor, if necessary. Check the floor to ensure it is level, using the carpenter’s level. Set the acrylic shower pan in place on top of the mortar.

Can I use Type S mortar for shower pan?

Can I use Type S Mortar for installing a custom shower pan? Sakrete’s Mortar Mix Type S is not meant for mortar beds or custom shower pan installations. It is ideally used for vertical applications only. We recommend using Sakrete Sand Mix Topping & Bedding for shower pans.

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