Readers ask: How To Build A Trophy Shelf?

How do you organize trophies?

How to Display Trophies

  1. Bookcase. A standard bookcase can be used to display trophies.
  2. Floating Shelves. Floating shelves are a very popular option for displaying trophies.
  3. Shadow Box. You can purchase or make a shadow box to display trophies.
  4. Along the Ceiling.
  5. Alcove in the Wall.
  6. Other Ideas.

How do you make a medal display?

DIY medal display: paint a long simple baseboard and nail as many long nails as needed. Paint some loonie store letters and glue them on. Take your hard earned medals out of the box or drawer and hang them up. Keep at it!

How do you hang awards on the wall?

Find the wall studs to hang heavier plaques and awards by using a laser stud-finder. A level helps you ensure that each item is level with the floor, creating a uniform appearance. Hammer penny nails into the studs for lightweight items and use screws with wall anchors for heavy items.

Should I throw away old trophies?

Just throw them out, don’t overcomplicate things. Get your name off them (it’s usually on an engraved plaque) and give them to Goodwill. Smaller kids sports clubs will often buy used trophies or medals to hand out. Please call your local YMCA or Girls and Boys Club to see if they take trophy donations.

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Are old trophies worth anything?

Old trophies are usually valuable if they are antiques or collectibles. Antique trophies made of gold or sterling silver may be valuable for their age or metal content alone. Collectible trophies have value because of the person or event they commemorate. Generally, old trophies do not fetch a high sum on resale.

Can you donate trophies?

You can donate your trophies and some plaques to have them reused elsewhere through Total Awards & Promotions, and you must pay $1 per trophy you send them. You can also just donate trophies to consignment shops, which will resell them to someone else.

How do you preserve medals?


  1. Keep medals clean and dry and away from extremes of temperature, humidity and light.
  2. Keep them off the floor.
  3. Store medals in small archival quality boxes or clear polystyrene boxes.
  4. Medal ribbons are vulnerable to light damage.

How do you hang medals in a shadow box?

If you are hanging military medals, you must place them in order of the highest honor. Place military medals highest in the shadow box, followed by ribbons and then badges.

How do you make a race bib display?

How to Make This DIY Race Bib and Medal Display:

  1. Determine what size of board you will want to display on your wall.
  2. Paint or Spray paint the board(s) to the color that you want.
  3. Arrange your bibs and medals where you will want them to be displayed.
  4. Hang on the wall and enjoy all of your accomplishments!

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