Readers ask: Planetside 2 How To Build?

What does the ant do in Planetside 2?

The Advanced Nanite Transport (or ANT) is a vehicle produced by Nanite Systems, available to all factions. It can be created at any allied ground vehicle terminal. The ANT is a purpose-built mining vehicle, able to harvest and transport a unique resource; Cortium.

How do you get orbital strike in Planetside 2?

Attention all units planetside, incoming Orbital Strike to your Live servers. Players can unlock the Orbital Strike Uplink from the Depot and spawn it with the Construction System. Once charged, players can grab the targeting device from the Uplink and call in a devastating Orbital Strike on the target location.

How do you mine Cortium?

Only the Advanced Nanite Transport has the capability to harvest cortium. It has access to three unique mining lasers, two that can be chosen for the driver and one that can replace a defensive armament for the gunner, which can harvest cortium at close ranges and deposit it directly into the ANT’s storage tank.

What should I buy in Planetside 2?

Best return-on-investment classes are arguably medic and engineer. For those max out your medi/repair tool and invest in your suit slots.

  • Med Tool: Max Tier.
  • Repair Tool: Max Tier.
  • Ammo Pack: Max Tier.
  • Shield Restore Field: Max Tier.
  • Revive Grenades.
  • Bandolier: Max Tier.
  • Choose between: Pump Action Shotgun or Auto Shotgun.
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How do you get kills in Planetside 2?


  1. Always know where your enemy is concentrated with their majority of their forces.
  2. Know that they have guys flanking just like you.
  3. Stay high and hidden. Your jump jets can help you greatly and get you killed just as easily.
  4. Always know where the ammo boxes are.
  5. Call out targets as much as possible.

Is the orbital cannon a one time use?

The Orbital Cannon was added to GTA Online as part of the Doomsday Heist and is a potent weapon. The Orbital Cannon can target anyone on the map and can be used once per in-game day.

How do you call an orbital strike in Battlefront 2?

Power Up. The orbital strike is a Power Up players can use in Walker Assault, Supremacy, and Turning Point. To use players must aim and use the red circle that appears on the ground as a guide to target an area for a orbital strike.

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